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Cleanrooms provide extremely clean environments to produce sensitive products without contamination. Even microscopic particles in the air can ruin sensitive electronics, food, packaging, instruments, or pharmaceuticals. Therefore, Cleanrooms must constantly monitor air quality to ensure particle levels remain within strict ISO standards. Particle counters are essential tools for this monitoring.

Particle counters work by analyzing air through an optical particle counter which uses laser technology to detect and count particles of varying sizes. Readings are given for particle concentrations per cubic meter or cubic feet for sizes ranging from 0.3 to 25 microns. Larger particles are more likely to damage products, so smaller particle sizes have tighter concentration limits. For an ISO Class 5 cleanroom, ISO 14664 sets limits of 3,520 particles per cubic meter at 0.5 microns, 83 particles per cubic meter at 5 microns, and none larger.

Particles Plus offers advanced remote particle counters ideal for cleanroom monitoring. Models like the Plus 9301P Remote Airborne Particle Counter provide continuous 24/7 monitoring of all particle sizes from a single unit. Readings are securely transmitted in real-time to software for centralized particle counting, data logging, and ISO 14644-1 reporting. This allows cleanroom managers to remotely monitor compliance and react quickly to any air quality issues.

By installing Particles Plus counters and monitoring software, cleanrooms can constantly validate compliance with ISO 14644, EU GMP Annex 1, or FS209E standards. The data logging facilitates regular certification audits as well. The remote functionality and enterprise software system allows efficient centralized control of multiple cleanrooms. In summary, Particles Plus counters provide cleanrooms with reliable, around-the-clock ISO-compliant air quality monitoring to maintain rigorous contamination standards.

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