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Ensuring High Air Quality in Hospitals with Particles Plus® Monitors
Clean air is vital for patients and staff in healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics. However, hospitals tend to have worse indoor air quality compared to other buildings due to the presence of chemicals, infectious particles, and off-gassing from equipment and furniture. Poor air quality can exacerbate respiratory conditions, spread infections, and even lead to dangerous situations like a hospital-acquired infection. Therefore, continuous air quality monitoring is crucial in waiting rooms, patient wards, operating theaters, and other critical areas of a hospital.

The Particles Plus line of monitors are an ideal air quality monitoring system for hospitals. They use laser particle counting technology to measure levels of particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, allowing detection of viruses, bacteria, and fine dust. The monitors have customizable alert thresholds if particulate levels become hazardous. This enables hospital facilities teams to promptly identify issues and take corrective action, like adjusting ventilation or using portable air filters to improve air quality.

Unlike less advanced monitors, Particles Plus systems can differentiate between types of particles sizes like coarse dust, pollen, and pathogens. This helps hospital staff understand the source of air contamination and respond appropriately. The monitors also log trends and analyze air quality data over time, helping hospitals identify systemic issues and optimize their air handling systems. The monitors are highly sensitive while still being durable and low maintenance.

By continuously monitoring airborne particles, the Particles Plus systems play a vital role in infection control and keeping immunocompromised patients safe. They can provide confidence to patients and visitors that the hospital is taking all precautions to minimize health risks from poor indoor air quality. For hospital staff regularly exposed to indoor pollutants, real-time monitoring and alerts can reduce occupational hazards and health risks. Overall, Particles Plus monitors are an intelligent investment for hospitals to improve public health within their facilities. Their early detection capabilities, accuracy, and intuitive features make Particles Plus the premier option for air quality monitoring in healthcare settings.

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